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Our story begins with Ran, a young boy from a small town surrounded by mountains, in the dessert part of Israel. The beautiful stones, the colours of nature, rocks and sand inspired him to sculpture and experience different materials while creating beautiful sculptured figurines. When he grew up, he has learned fashion professionally and climbed the “fashion ladder” in Israel and Germany, until he has based his on fashion house in Tel- Aviv.  For many brides across the years, Ran was the first and last stop, as his designs were magical and his approach to the customers was always so gentle, that it has made the whole experiance absolutely perfect.
Years went by and he has decided to focus on brides. In Israel a wedding is normally an event that requires careful planning, around 350 guests at least and a lot of food, music and other small events
such as “henna” or “Shabbat Hattan” to accommodate that or follow the main event.
As “Zuriel” fashion house has continued growing, Yael, an award winning fashion designer has joined Ran. When Ran has decided he needed a change in his career it was only natural for Yael to step in and become the new creative director. Ran's heritage of design, perfectionism and sense of style will forever remain our deepest foundations and he is with us every step of the way.  
Yael holds a masters degree in fashion from RCA in London, a city in which she has spent a decade from her life working closely with various brands, both on the high street and small couture boutiques. She loves looking after our planet and it’s people, so fair trade and organic fabrics are very dear to her heart. As a child in a city near tel- aviv, she has always experienced and explored second hand shops and avant garde global designers. Most often, running away from school was far more important to her in order to expand her knowledge of cult films, fashion and music.
These days, as she is carefully navigating the Zuriel ship, Yael is eager to give the modern stylish bride a solution that will be both cool and environmentally friendly. The result has a true wow factor!
All of our products are sewn and designed by us and are bespoke to your measurements. We never waste fabric, we always look for the best sustainable materials, and we always bare in mind your original look and requirements. We love making perfect bridal gowns for every size, every body type. We invite you to come and see them for yourself in sunny Tel- Aviv, or order online a perfect product :-)

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